5 Tips for Keeping Up Your Golf Game in the Winter Months

At Worldwide Golf Adventures, we don’t just send our clients on the bucket list golf trips of their dreams; we also play a good bit of golf ourselves. Being golfers means we’re not just fairweather players, either. So how do we keep our game up when the snowy months roll in? Here are five ways to keep up your golf game in the winter months.

Dress for the Weather You Have, Not the Weather You Want

It’s no secret that golf was invented in Scotland, which offers cold and blustery conditions even in midsummer. Luckily this means there are plenty of clothing solutions to cold weather available for any golfer’s closet. Invest in rain gear, thermal underwear, and good, thick socks. There are also other gear options to help keep you ready to play, like hand and foot warmers and a sturdy thermos for hot chocolate or coffee (or hot toddies, if you must). Winter is also the season to bring out your high visibility golf balls; whether they’re hot pink or neon green, you’ll be glad to see them through the snow.

Be Realistic About How the Round Will Go

Galway Bay

Beyond being prepared for the weather, you need to be prepared for how your round is going to be affected by the conditions. Temporary greens, freezing cold hands, and blowing snow are not going to be conducive to playing the best game of your life. Winter is a time to go easier on yourself and work on perfecting aspects of your game that don’t come up in summer months. It’s perfectly reasonable to add two strokes to your winter handicap to account for bad conditions. This will keep you from setting yourself up for defeat every time you tee up, and help you enjoy the game more.

Keep the Morale Up by Reminding Yourself of the Perks of Winter Golf

Golf Club la Pineta in Winter

One more way to get yourself out on the course is to remember the perks of winter golf. Playing on winter courses is actually rather pleasant, even in foul weather. For one thing, you’ll be close to completely alone on most courses, which means less pressure and more time to really enjoy the game and the scenery, not to mention more parking and ample available tee times. Prices are also lower in the winter months, from green fees to memberships and even lessons. Winter rules are also a fun part of winter golf, as well as the softer greens (as long as nothing has frozen). If nothing else, you can remind yourself that you’re improving your game for the spring.

Use Accountability to Motivate You to Tee Up

People who love the game of golf will play no matter what the weather is, but in the darkest winter months, even the biggest golf fans need outside reasons to get to the course. There are lots of great external ways to keep yourself accountable to your golf game. Even in the winter months, there are plenty of tournaments to sign up for. You’ll have less competition and more time to concentrate. Winter is also a great time to take a friend who may never have played golf before for their first round. They’ll enjoy their first time much more when there’s less pressure to keep the game moving and they won’t have to spend as much on green fees.

Book a Tee Time on a Course in a Warmer Climate

You may think this is cheating, but our favorite thing to do when it’s winter is simply go play golf somewhere that it’s not winter. We are headquartered in Austin, Texas, after all — a locale not known for snow or cold in any form. When winter hits the USA, we like to head south. If you can book a date in the Caribbean, Mexico, Hawaii, orSouth Africa, you’ll have your golf game made. Even milder climates like those in Portugal and Spain can offer an opportunity to enjoy a good game of golf without having to deal with crummy weather. Besides, you’ll have plenty of time to play in windy or rainy conditions when you go to Ireland or Scotland in the summer.

While we can’t help you with your winter golf game in terms of your swing or even your morale, we can definitely book you the ideal golf trip. Get a free quote from us today and start planning your winter escape.