Best Restaurants in St. Andrews for Every Budget

With the Old Course private application for 2019 coming up this month, our minds are set on St. Andrews. While golf is the obviously the number one reason people visit St. Andrews, it’s also a town on the east coast of Scotland, full of history and sightseeing. And of course, you have to eat while you’re there!

Here’s a list of our favorite restaurants in St. Andrews, with culinary ideas for every budget.

High Rollers: Most Expensive Food Options in St. Andrews

For those with deep pockets or just someone looking to have a top-notch dining experience, there are several great options in St. Andrews.

Middle of the Road: Less Expensive but Still Delectable Dining Options in St. Andrews

For those who may be looking for a more economical experience but still want to experience culinary delights, there are many excellent choices in St. Andrews.

Cheap but Worth It: Pub Fare in St. Andrews

As in most of the British Isles, the local pub is a reliable place to grab a pint or a whisky and some lighter, less expensive fare.

If you’re ready to play the Old Course and see St. Andrews for yourself, get in touch and we can start planning your trip today!