Favorite Must-See Historical Sites in Scotland (That Aren’t Castles)

At Worldwide Golf Adventures, we pride ourselves on the numbers of cultural experiences that are included in our trip prices. We’ve taken you on a tour of our favorite castles that fall into this category, but that was just the tip of the iceberg. Here we take you on a tour of our favorite historical sites in Scotland that aren’t castles you can see while on one of our golf tours.

British Golf Museum

While you’re in St. Andrews playing a round at “The Home of Golf”, it’s an ideal choice to spend some time learning more about the history of the game itself. The British Golf Museum is the perfect place to do just that. Take a gander at the largest collection of golf memorabilia in Europe while you take in 500 years of history in the foremost museum dedicated to the game. Take a look at the new “Open Gallery”, devoted to the history of the British Open. Temporary exhibits devoted to personalities in the game are well worth diving into. The British Golf Museum is truly the best way to round out your time at St. Andrews and come away with a better understanding of the game.

Robert Burns Birthplace Museum

To truly get to the heart of what it means to be Scottish, you need to learn about Scotland’s “favorite son”, Robert Burns. The 18th century poet has a museum built to his memory at his birthplace in Alloway, Ayr. After a round at Royal Troon, Turnberry, or Prestwick, take in the Scottish countryside where the genius was born and raised to the age of seven to better understand his inspiration. Entry to the expansive grounds includes the cottage where he was born, highly curated and tended gardens, a historical bridge over the River Doon, and the church where Burns’s parents were buried in the graveyard. The museum showcases objects that were important to Burns, as well as recordings of his poetry, to give you a true feel for the sound of Scotland.

Culloden Battlefield Visitors Centre

In the history of Scotland, there were many Scottish uprisings against the English, but the final Jacobite Rising of 1746 continues to be one of the most harrowing, with events culminating at the Culloden Battlefield in April 1746. This bloody battle was the last ever pitched on British soil, and now you can feel the heat of battle in the interactive visitor centre. Handle and view artifacts gathered from both sides of the fight, and experience the battle itself in the immersion cinema. After a morning of golf at Inverness, walk the Culloden Battlefield to imagine the ghosts of the 1,500 warriors who lost their lives in a single hour. Or watch a live reenactment for even further understanding of just how intense this skirmish was.

Royal Yacht Britannia

Bring yourself into the modern age by visiting the Royal Yacht Britannia, Queen Elizabeth II’s floating royal palace that was in commission from 1954-1997, now docked as a permanent museum. As part of your stay in Edinburgh, a tour of the living quarters, sun lounge, and engine room will add a touch of royalty to your visit, without having to go to London. To add an extra flash of British charm to your tour, take tea in the Royal Deck Tea Room and buy some fudge in the NAAFI sweet shop to take home. The full tour is included in your trip price, and brings a refreshing stop during your trip to Edinburgh.

Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum

While Kelvingrove may look like a castle, it was built as an art gallery in the late 19th century and has been a favorite in Glasgow for locals and visitors alike since 1901. The 22 galleries are now home to a variety of displays, including art from ancient times to now, and more. Enjoy a music recital in the Central Hall where the enormous pipe organ from the 1901 Glasgow International Exhibition still takes center stage. Explore the art and times of Charles Rennie Mackintosh, a Glasgow architect whose innovative designs helped launch him to international fame at the turn of the 20th century. With a Spanish Baroque architectural style built with traditional Glaswegian limestone, Kelvingrove pleases both inside and out, with something for everyone.

Any trip to Scotland for golf can be made even more complete by adding in historical sites that you want to see. Get in touch with us today for a free quote and more ideas on places you’ll love in Scotland.