Getting Your Golf Clubs to Your Destination

Golf clubs are an extremely personal set of items, curated over years to find exactly the right stick to match your play style, grip, and physical abilities. Of course you want to take your clubs with you to every course you play, whether it’s across the pond in Scotland or stateside in Florida or Arizona. But that’s not as straightforward as it sounds. Here are a few tips for getting your golf clubs to your destination — or alternatives, if that’s not possible.

Checking Your Golf Clubs

On most international flights, you can check at least one bag, if not two, for free, while most domestic flights will allow you to check up to 50 lbs for around $25. It all depends on the carrier, and you’ll want to check online before you book to understand their policies. You may have to pay a fee for “heavy baggage” or its odd size, but this is generally an easy way to get your clubs wherever you’re playing. Get a good golf travel bag with plenty of pockets and a good set of wheels, and you’re on your way. In most international airports, there will be plenty of porters ready to help you get that bag into a taxi or onto a conveyor belt; just be sure you tip properly.

Shipping Your Golf Clubs

For those who prefer to travel a bit more lightly, shipping your golf clubs is another great way to get your golf bag to your next adventure. It can also be much less expensive than checking your clubs, depending on which carrier you use. An added bonus to shipping is that you don’t have to worry about carting your clubs around cities or finding space for them in your hotel room. Our clients receive a 10% discount from Ship Sticks, a company that will pick your clubs up and deliver them directly to the golf course or hotel of your choosing. They also provide full insurance and shipment protection, plus real-time tracking, which is not something the airlines can give you. We recommend shipping your golf clubs if you have a lot of extra trips on your itinerary. This will give you peace of mind and a lot of freedom while you’re traveling.

Renting Golf Clubs

While most golfers would prefer to play with their own clubs, it is possible to rent a good set while you’re traveling. Most major courses have great options to choose from, and you may even get a better set than your own at home. In addition, renting a set for your entire trip can even be cheaper than checking your own clubs, with the added advantage of allowing you to get used to the set throughout your trip. Whichever way you do it, renting clubs rather than checking or shipping your own saves you the hassle of transporting them. We have good relationships with all of the top courses and several rental companies and can find the right option for your golf club rental needs.

As avid golfers and travelers ourselves, we’ve got plenty of experience getting our golf clubs where we need them to be. We can help your group plan for shipping, checking, or renting golf clubs as part of your trip. Get in touch today for a free quote!