Giving Thanks for 2018

November is National Gratitude Month, culminating in Thanksgiving at the end of the month (although it’s coming a bit early this year). As our fourth year in business at Worldwide Golf Adventures, we have a lot to be thankful for, and we thought we’d share to get in the spirit of the holiday.

Our Clients

We have steadily increased our number of clients year over year, and this year we hit a new record number. But it’s not sheer numbers that we’re thankful for — it’s who our clients are that makes us so happy. We’ve been thrilled to share bucket list golf experiences with such wonderful people, and we have had the pleasure of living vicariously through so many of our clients on these exciting trips. (Just for a taste — check out this amazing video the Woodleys made on their trip to Scotland!) We’re excited to be sending some of these return clients to entirely new destinations in 2019, too. We can’t wait to see how those trips go for you!

Our Partners

Over the four years that we’ve been in business, we have built strong partnerships with folks in the tourism and hospitality industry, as well as the international golf community. These partnerships have allowed us to build trips for our clients that go above and beyond what anyone else could provide. We absolutely could not do our business without them. But even more than that, these partners have often opened up their golf courses, hotels, restaurants, and experiences for us to enjoy ourselves, so that we could know firsthand what would make these trips really work for our clients. We are truly thankful to our onsite guides, drivers, bed-and-breakfast owners, and others who make the once-in-a-lifetime experience truly memorable for our clients, and for us.

We’re also thankful for our vendor partners, who provide us with marketing support, branded items and giveaways, and more. We could not ship golf clubs, give our clients tee shirts, or provide our clients with travel insurance without you!

And of course, we’re thankful for the Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation, whose work to stop HIV in South Africa inspires us to work harder ourselves. This year, the team has been working with us to find new ways to make our donations go further for them by finding a way to make donations in bulk rather than as they come in. We are pleased to find new ways to fund their efforts in 2019 and work with them on fulfilling their mission.

Our Families

No small business succeeds without support from family members, and we are particularly grateful for how our families have supported us in the past few years. Whether it’s our parents handing out our business cards to friends of friends, or our wives listening to us and helping us solve problems, our families have contributed to our business in immeasurable ways. A special shout out goes to our dogs, Schubert and Emmett, for providing stress relief and a good laugh when we needed them most.

We’re grateful for such a successful 2018, and are looking forward to new challenges and new trips in 2019. Thank you to everyone who has joined us this year and is planning to be with us next year. We are truly thankful this Thanksgiving for all of you.

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