How to Give a Golf Trip as a Gift

If you’re looking to give the gift of the golf trip of a lifetime, Worldwide Golf Adventures can help you plan the perfect trip for friends, family, or colleagues. But if you’re trying to keep it a surprise, how can you plan a trip that will fit the needs of everyone in your group without giving it away?

We have plenty of solutions to the surprise golf trip planning problem!

Find Out the Minimum Info

You can plan a trip without giving away everything or getting too invasive in your questioning. In order to plan a trip, we need to know:

With all of these details, we can start planning the trip and fill in information after the gift has been given.

Get Feedback from Other Potential Group Members

You don’t have to give away the surprise of the trip to the gift recipient while collecting information. If you’re planning the trip for your spouse, for instance, you can talk to other people who will be traveling with them (friends or family members) and get input from them on where the group wants to go. Unless you’re paying for everyone in the group, others are going to want to have a say in the planning process.

If you know this info from hearsay or casual conversation, it can help us plan the perfect trip as a complete surprise:

Any of this information will help us customize the trip further to make it even more special. We can also accommodate both golfers and non-golfers to ensure everyone has the trip of a lifetime.

Buy Gift Certificates

It can be hard to plan a trip without getting input from everyone in the party — trust us, we know. If you aren’t sure when or where your trip recipient wants to go and can’t find out the details without ruining the surprise, you can purchase a gift certificate. Simply tell us how much you want to spend, then give the certificate to the lucky recipient and have them call us to plan the trip. We’ll put the amount of the gift certificate toward their final bill.

The golf trip of a lifetime is an ideal gift for the holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, or to congratulate a colleague on a job well done. Ready to give the gift of adventure? Get in touch today for a free quote!