How to See “Star Wars” in Ireland

Fans of “Star Wars” know that the making of the iconic epic has included filming locations all over the world, from the lushest jungles to the driest deserts. The latest installments have also featured sweeping shots of Ireland, first at the very end of “The Force Awakens” and even further in “The Last Jedi”.

We love to set up tours for film fans of every genre (check out our list of Game of Thrones ideas in Northern Ireland!). There are a few must-see ideas for anyone hoping to get a glimpse of a galaxy far, far away without having to handle interstellar travel:

Skellig Islands

This is the iconic locale of the last minute of “The Force Awakens” and a majority of “The Last Jedi”. These islands have inspired fear and awe in visitors since humans have walked them, and anyone with a heartbeat will find them impressive, even if they don’t love the Star Wars franchise.

A boat tour of the islands is included in the package price for all of our clients who travel to Ireland. For an additional fee, clients can get off the boat and get onto the island, although it’s a difficult climb and not recommended for everyone or in every weather situation. In fact, while it is included in the package price, we remind all of our clients that the boat tour is subject to cancellation based on bad weather, which is not infrequent.

Wild Atlantic Way

This dramatic west coast of Ireland is known for gorgeous cliffs and majestic scenery, and the Wild Atlantic Way was an easy choice for Star Wars location scouts for “The Last Jedi”. There are miles and miles of gorgeous walking trails, many of which were featured in the film. Visit Malin Head, the Kerry Cliffs, and Mizen Head and explore the landscape on foot to see why the island made such an ideal spot for intergalactic backdrops.

If walking the earth on your own isn’t enough for you, there’s a May the Fourth Festival in County Kerry, which celebrates Star Wars Day each year with themed tours, movie showings, and cosplay.

There are dozens of ways to include some Star Wars sightseeing on your trip to Ireland. Let us help you set up the adventure for you. Contact us today for a free quote!