The Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals for Golfers 2018

Every year, we comb through the Black Friday offerings on and Golf Galaxy to find the best deals for our golfing clients. There are loads of great buys to up your golf game or round out your equipment bag, or even make traveling overseas to play your bucketlist round more comfortable. Here are our favorites to either buy for yourself or gift to a golf buddy this holiday season.

As the leader in Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, Amazon has started the holiday shopping season well before the traditional post-Thanksgiving start, with “Early Black Friday Deals”. Here are a few you can shop for ASAP:

G4Free Ultimate Golf Umbrella

G4 Golf Umbrella

A good golf umbrella is a must-have for any golf bag, especially if you’re planning to play in the wetter climates of the world (and let’s be honest, those are some of the best places to play). This one has a 62” oversize canopy and comes in a variety of colors and designs. It’s great to keep the sun or rain off your shoulders regardless of what course you’re on.

CAMBIVO Compression Socks

CAMBIVO Compression Socks

They may not sound sexy, but compression socks can be a lifesaver after spending a day on your feet. These socks relieve tired shin and calf muscles by relieving pressure in your veins and increasing circulation. They’re also extremely helpful for long flights (like, say, to Europe or South Africa) to keep your ankles from swelling up and help prevent deep vein thrombosis.

eBags Packing Cubes

Another travel necessity, this six-piece set helps you make the most out of your luggage space. We assume you’ll be checking or shipping your golf clubs, and you probably want to keep your other luggage as lightweight as possible. These packing cubes help you maximize valuable space in a carry-on, allowing you to pack 10-days’ worth of golf and travel clothes and still have room to put in a bottle or two of whiskey on the trip back (just make sure you check the bag).

We love Golf Galaxy for great deals throughout the year, and Black Friday is usually just an excuse to get that one item we’ve really been needing. It’s easy to get lost in all the golf gear, but these buys are our favorites for 2018.

adidas Lightweight 1/4 Zip

This men’s layer is ideal for throwing in your golf bag on days when you’re not sure what the weather is going to do. The quarter-zip makes it easy to take on and off, and it dries easily if you get caught in a squall. It comes in several colors and works both on the course and in the clubhouse. Plus, it comes in a number of colors, so you don’t have to look just like every other guy on the links.

Footjoy Women’s Leisure Golf Shoes

FootJoy Women's Leisure Golf Shoes

Yes, it’s easy just to wear your running shoes or other athletic shoes when you’re playing a round, but let’s be honest: you need shoes that will grip the turf and keep your swing steady. For a holiday treat, these lightweight, comfortable, waterproof numbers are totally worth it. You don’t have to skimp on style, either — for our money, that tropical print is absolutely the way to go.

Ping G400 Driver

What, you thought we were going to have an entire Black Friday Deals Blog without including one of the most important tools in your bag? No way! This driver is particularly light and aerodynamic, which helps you get the ball higher and further, not to mention helps your golf bag be just that much lighter when you’re checking it on a flight. (Every ounce matters.) Add in Ping’s high-tech design for increased stability, and this driver will have you looking like a pro in no-time.

While these gifts are great to give or get this holiday season, our favorite gift is a bucket-list trip of your dreams with your loved ones. (And you get to show off your new gear as an added bonus!) Get in touch today for a free quote on that golf adventure you’ve been waiting for!