Top 5 Scottish Castles Included in Your Trip Price

While we are known or organizing amazing golf adventures around the world for our clients, we also put together cultural itineraries based on their interests. You might be surprised to learn just how many trips are included as part of the planning for your golf adventure. Below we list the top five castles in Scotland we include for all of our clients who travel there. (Of course, there are many more castles included — these are just our favorites.)

5. Falkland Palace

Falkland Palace in Fife is a shining example of a Renaissance palace, with a beautiful surrounding garden and orchards. As Mary Queen of Scots’ country residence, the palace was outfitted with ornate wood carvings and painted ceilings, all inspired by the great French castles of the era. Although it fell into disrepair after 1660, the grounds were rescued by the Marquess of Bute during the reign of Queen Victoria, and new life was breathed into the palace and its conservation. Added bonus: the palace is home to one of the oldest known tennis courts in the world.

4. Culzean Castle

Built in the 17th century on a cliff overlooking the ocean and with 40 buildings to explore, Culzean Castle is full of the treasures of the showy Earl Cassillis. A grand oval staircase is the center of the main palace, and there is a trove of military pistols and swords. Outside you can enjoy the luxurious gardens and Swan Pond, as well as the Adventure Cove and Wild Woodland play areas for children.

3. Dunrobin Castle

The furthest north of the Scottish houses and the largest in the Highlands, Dunrobin is a perfect stop after a round of golf at Royal Dornoch. You may recognize some design similarities to the Houses of Parliament in London, as Dunrobin was partially designed by the same architect, Sir Charles Barry. The grounds served as a naval hospital during World War I and a boys’ boarding school from 1965-1972, although its most famous inhabitants were the Earls and Dukes of Sutherland, and served as the family home as early as 1401. The Sutherland family moved back in in the late 20th century and now you can tour their historic residence as part of your Scottish vacation.

2. Cawdor Castle

If you’re a fan of Shakespeare, Cawdor Castle should be on your list, as the title character in his famous play MacBeth was called “the Thane of Cawdor” and was written to have lived there. Of course, the palace was actually built several centuries after the 11th-century King MacBeth would have ruled, but the tie-in is still there. Built around an old thorn tree, the castle offers of histories into palatial living, including an ancient kitchen, and is still home to the Cawdor family.  

1. Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh is a world-class city with amazing historic sights, so it’s no wonder that the eponymous castle of this great city would be number one on our list of Scottish castles. Originally built around 900 B.C. and an official royal residence until 1633, the ancient palace saw some of the most important moments in Scottish history. It’s now home to the oldest set of crown jewels in the British Isles, as well as some of the greatest artifacts of Medieval warfare and the Scottish War Museum.

All of our trips to Scotland include tickets to these castles, as well as others. Get in touch today for a free quote and to start planning your Scottish golf adventure!