Top Reasons Why You Should Visit Scotland in April

Most of our clients come to us because they want one thing: to play golf in the sport’s homeland of Scotland. Specifically, they want to play the Old Course at St. Andrews and get a triumphant photo of themselves on the Swilcan Bridge, plus add in a few of the other most famous courses in the world.

They may also want to try the world’s finest whiskies and see for themselves where some of the world’s most famous history took place. Or they may want to check out the sites where their favorite TV shows have been filmed.

A lot of our clients plan to go to Scotland in July or August, when the days are longer and temperatures are warmer. But we love to go in April, for a few reasons:

It’s less crowded.

Because the summer months are the high season, traveling to Scotland in July and August can actually be a bit of a headache. Sure, the summer weather is lovely (or at least less dreary), and there is daylight well into the evening hours. But the popularity of the summer months means that hotels, bed and breakfasts, and other accommodations may be completely booked almost a year in advance. And tee times for the Old Course and other popular courses are much easier to get (and less expensive, should you want a guaranteed time) in April than they are in June, July, or August. Historical sites, castles, and museums that are generally flooded with tourists in the summer are calmer in April, and this means you can truly take your time. Flights are also generally less expensive in April than in July.

It’s a perfect season.

Scotland is generally a cooler climate than most of the United States, and even in the summer months, the temperatures can feel downright cold to American sensibilities. But there isn’t as much variation in the seasonal temperatures in Scotland as there is in most of the continental US. In April, the temperatures stay above freezing most of the time. And while you may get an April shower or two, the beauty of the blooming gorse, rhododendron, and daffodils will cheer you up just fine. You’re likely to play a round or two of golf in the rain no matter when you visit Scotland, so you may as well have some beautiful flowers to enjoy while you’re in your rain gear.

It’s a month full of cultural events.

As we mentioned above, the museums, castles, and galleries that should be on your list will be much less crowded in April than in the summer months. Beyond that, there are a bunch of festivals that take place in April that are worth the trip alone. The Beltane Fire Festival at the end of April is quite a spectacle, reaching back to pagan roots to welcome the spring and the May Queen. There are beer festivals and folk arts festivals as well, including TradFest, a seasonal feast of music, storytelling, dance, craft, film, and folk drama. Many of the castles and historical sites that close during the winter reopen in April with a fresh coat of paint and renewed vigor from the staff. April is an excellent month to get a taste for the “real” Scotland and see festivals and cultural events that Scottish people themselves love.

If you’re looking to visit Scotland this year, why not plan to go in April? Get in touch with us for a free quote on your trip.