Top Ways to Explore Irish Whiskey on Your Golf Adventure

Ireland is famous for lots of features: greenery and refreshing scenery; friendly and charming people; some of the oldest, most famous, and best golf courses in the world; and delicious whiskey developed from ancient recipes, among other things. While greenery and friendly people may be an automatic part of any trip to Ireland, we think golf and whiskey pair perfectly and are extremely important to a full Irish trip. So we make sure that all of our clients who are heading over for a golf adventure also have access to some of our favorite whiskey tours, so they can get a complete experience.

Here are our favorite ways to explore Irish Whiskey on a golf adventure, all included in our trip price:

Irish Whiskey Experience

Located in Killarney, the Irish Whiskey Experience is part museum, part school, and part bar, ready to teach visitors the history and finer points of whiskey in a sensory experience unlike any other. There are dozens of classes, tours, and food pairings to choose from each month, and visitors can even sign up to try their hand at distilling themselves. Every visit includes a tasting of a variety of Irish whiskeys from around the isles, and you can always visit the Celtic Whiskey Bar & Larder for lunch or dinner (and another round) after.

Connacht Distillery

The Connacht Whiskey Company in Ballina is one of the newer additions to the Irish craft whiskey scene, and part of the growing craft resurgence in Ireland. Many of their spirits are still waiting to be released, due to the necessary three-year period in the oak cask to be considered whiskey. But the distillery also has local gin, vodka, and poitin, a moonshine-like clear liquor that local grandmothers might prescribe for any head cold. You can tour the distillery and get an intimate look at how locals are bringing new life to this ancient art.


Known as the oldest Irish whiskey distillery, Bushmills is also one of the biggest. First licensed in 1608, the operation was sold to Jose Cuervo Tequila in 2014, but that hasn’t changed how they produce whiskey too much. They still produce all of their Bushmills Irish Whiskey in small batches on site, from the distilling to the casking and even the bottling. The old distillery offers tours of the entire facility, so you can see how big brands produce whiskey, and, of course, complete the tour with a tasting. They also offer bottles you can’t purchase anywhere else in their gift shop, which certainly adds to the experience.

Jameson Midleton

As one of the most famous whiskey producers in the world, Jameson made a big gamble when they moved their operation to Midleton in Cork from Dublin in 1975. At the time, there was only one Irish whiskey producer in all of Ireland, and Jameson was its main brand. The new distillery was built to house production for all of these Irish whiskeys and to allow for more bottling capacity. Now, every drop of Jameson is produced at this County Cork distillery, and you can see and taste it for yourself.

Jameson Bow Street

While production moved to Midleton in 1975, the Jameson distillery on Bow Street in Dublin is a landmark to Irish whiskey and to Jameson. You can still tour the old facility to see how their whiskey was originally distilled, and, of course, get a tasting. They also offer classes on making your own whiskey and building the perfect whiskey cocktail. Seeing the Bow Street distillery is also a great way to get to know more about the history of Dublin as a city, as the distillery was a major part of the city’s growth since it first opened in 1780.

Getting to know Irish whiskey is an important part of any trip to Ireland, and we’re happy to find the right distillery tour or tasting for you and your friends or family on your next golf trip. We offer tours of other facilities as well, and can customize your itinerary to match what you want to see (or taste). Get in touch today for a free quote!