What We’re Excited to See at the 2020 PGA Merchandise Show

We’re heading to the 2020 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Florida on January 21-24. Thousands of golf professionals from around the world attend this conference each year, from golf pros to university professors and, of course, golf equipment manufacturers, all to showcase their latest ideas about golf. This is our third time visiting the show, and we’re excited at the opportunity to make new connections and learn more about what’s happening in the world of golf. 

We’re especially looking forward to a few things this year, including:

Learning About New Destinations in the Travel Section

We spend most of our time at the show in the Travel Section, for obvious reasons. While we’re there, we make connections with old friends from Scotland, Ireland, and other popular destinations to find new ways to make our clients’ trips the best they can be. This year, we’re really looking forward to getting more information from representatives in France, Italy, and Morocco so we can start offering you new and exciting itineraries in these up-and-coming destinations.

Finding New Tools in the Inventors Spotlight and Product Zone

One of the best parts of being a golf tour operator is actually finding new gadgets, apps, and other technology to improve our game and that of our clients. We’ll be taking some time in the Inventors Spotlight to see if there are any new ideas that can help Worldwide Golf Adventures make your trips even better. Last year, we saw the inventors of Fourball win an award for creating a mobile app to meet nearby golfers. We’ll be on the lookout for the latest technology and inventions that are making waves in the golf world, so we can tell you all about them. We’ll also take a stroll through the New Product Zone at least once, to see if there are any must-haves that we should pass on to you. 

Checking out the Equipment Test Center

We don’t just set up bucket list golf trips for our clients; we like to play the game, too. Getting a chance to test new equipment is a perk of heading to this show. Yes, we’re always looking to improve our game, but we’re hoping to get some insight into advice we can offer our clients, too. We’ll take a moment to check out the Equipment Test Center to test the latest clubs, balls, and tools, and who knows? We may add a thing or two to our annual gift list

If you’re going to be at the PGA Show this year, let us know