Why You Should Add a Trip to France to Your Scottish or Irish Golf Adventure

If you’re like most Americans, hopping over to Europe isn’t a small ordeal. A flight across the pond is expensive, time-consuming, and takes a toll from jet lag. We think it’s a great idea to visit as much of Europe as possible on each trip in order to really maximize the value of the time and money you spend getting over there.

If you’re already planning a trip to golf in Scotland, Ireland, or Northern Ireland, it’s well worth it to add a trip to France. Why? Here’s a list of some of our own reasons to add a trip to France on your next British golf adventure.

World-Renowned Golf

France has a reputation for culture and class, and the 600 golf courses that dot the nation are no exception. Several of those courses appear on lists of the best courses in the world, like Golf de Morfontaine, which was ranked #14 out in Golf Digest’s most recent world ranking. The Ryder Cup brought Le Golf National just outside of Paris into our homes in the fall of 2018, whetting plenty of golfer’s appetites to play the links-style course. If you’re already flying across the Atlantic to play great golf, you might as well add in another round just across the English Channel.

French Food and Wine

It’s impossible to talk about a trip to France without mentioning the food and wine. While Scotland, Ireland, and Northern Ireland are working to make names for themselves as culinary destinations, France has been known as the top gastronomic destination in the world for centuries. If you like food at all, France has to be on your list of places to travel. And with dozens of different regions and cultural areas, you’re sure to find a favorite food beyond the trusty French baguette. Wine is another draw to the French countryside, and even if you don’t take a day to visit the vineyards, you can enjoy a delightful vintage (relatively inexpensively) with virtually any meal.


Any world traveler will have Paris on the list of must-see places, no matter how adventurous you get. The City of Lights is worth a visit on its own, but why not knock it off your bucket list after a week of great golf? See the Mona Lisa at the Louvre, stroll past the Eiffel Tower, and go shopping on the Champs Elysées, all after a round of golf at a world-famous course. A trip to Paris is the perfect addition to any golf trip where you bring along a partner, particularly if they don’t play golf themselves. Best of all, Paris can be done in just a few days, with plenty of opportunities to sneak in an extra round or two, and it’s usually even cheaper/easier to get home from!

Of course, France is a huge country, and there are plenty of great golf courses throughout the different regions. Whether you want to spend some time on the beach, go skiing in the Alps, or get lost in one of the most romantic cities on the planet, you can’t go wrong adding a trip to France to your golf itinerary. Get in touch with us for a free quote.